How many Frames do you drop switching from720p to 1080p?

I am planning on upgrading my monitor for Christmas to one that is in 1080p. My video card is an XFX Radeon HD 6870 and my processor is an AMD Athlon II x3 455. I will be playing BF3 the most and right now on high settings I run from 50 - 100 FPS depending on the map so how many will I be getting with 1080p?
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  1. Depends to the game settings.
  2. sosofm said:
    Depends to the game settings.

    How much on high?
  3. The problem in BF3 apears on the ultra setings. Watch yourself the fps are on the screen.
  4. your unlikely to drop very much unless your gpu decides to bottleneck that tri core...
    your probably looking at about 5fps difference. more if you use fsaa or have hbao enabled.(dx11 features)
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