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hello there my name is dustin and i play games on a playstation 2 slim. i live in an apartment and late at night would like to be able to listen to my games through headphone. i bought the logitech g330 gaming headset and plugged it in but get no sound at all through them. i dont care if i have to buy different cables or whatever. i just need it to be quite when im racing at two in the morning. your help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. i think this is not pstwo problem i think its somewhere else if you have sound on tv when you play pstwo whitout headphones. maybe tv has headphone option somewhere? or are you using amplifier? O_o
  2. I think you have to plugg the headset on your TV and also it has to need ONE green-jack 3,5mm (Beacause some headsets need 2 pluggs but I think it is on 7.1)
  3. It also depends if you want wireless. I haven't heard of wireless green jacks...but there probably are some. Well if you cannot find any wireless ones if you need em, you won't need 'em if you got a big old fat tv, the tv won't break but you better get cheap headphones if you want to risk losing headphones.
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