Skyrim and BF3 Performance?

Hello, I am very curious about how good will my PC run Skyrim and BF3. I am not aiming for maxed but high in 1680 by 1050 or maybe 1440 by 900 if I need to with something like 2x AA...

my specs are:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Ma770T-UD3P
Processor: AMD Phenom 2 955 (I have no idea if it's BE or not... on CPU-Z it does not show BE nor on AMD Overdrive) at 3.2 ghz
GPU: AMD Radeon 6850 stock
Storage (dunno if this matters): 500Gb HDD with 160Gb SSD for boot up and games

I heard that Skyrim is pretty CPU intensive but I just want to know if I can run it good with above 30 or 40 FPS with my set up right now. Also, can anyone here also shed some light if I can overclock my CPU? The cooler I have is a Corsair A50

Thank you
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  1. all phenom 955's are BE. It should run well, overclocking your spu will yield much better results.,3074-9.html get it to 3.5ghz and you should be running it pretty well. That link shows all the information you need about the games performance.
  2. the best mods for skyrim selected for you!

  3. LMB_borges said:
    the best mods for skyrim selected for you!


    do they have permission from the mod creators to post and link downloads? if not there are going to be some angry modders out there.

    if you want to go to a legit website where most of the modders for Skyrim will upload there mods AND the updates to there mods that fix bugs! go to Skyrim Nexus

    Also if your concerned about your CPU performance DL this mod as it solves many problems related to the CPU. TESV Acceleration Layer
  4. oh nevermind, I already tried running skyrim, it looks good, the lag is a bit but bareable during fights, idk but the lag kinda gives me an rpg-like experience that I am used to
  5. try the mod i mentioned it might fix that.
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