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Good Games to Play on PC

What are some good shooter, fighting, and racing games I could play on PC?
I will build my own gaming pc soon and I was wondering.
Thanks! :)
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  1. 1. Need for Speed Most Wanted - Hands down one of the best arcade-racers out there.

    2. Most great fighting games are primarily found on consoles. You should check out some emulators.

    3. For a shooter F.E.A.R. Combat. Sierra games released it for FREE! It's old but there's a lively player base.
  2. I play Emulator Games as well. Right now, all I play is Emulators and Runescape, but I want to get into some new games for fighting, shooter, and racing once I get my gaming pc built.
    Thanks for your suggestions!
  3. Games List This is a link to another thread where people posted their favourite games and at the bottom of page one. I compiled the list and added a lot of Wikipedia links.
  4. Thank you very much TheFoxyBox! I will be sure to check that out when I wake up. :)

    I have a question. How do you play Console Games on a PC? I have never played a console game on a PC before (except for the handhelds like DS, Game Boy Color, GBA, and GBA SP).
  5. I'm assuming you've been using emulators for cartridge based systems. Those are generally the best to work with. If you want to play console games, which are mostly disc-based with larger file sizes, your best bet is to copy the games that you already own to your new PC.

    Gamecube & Wii:
    Nintendo 64:
    Don't worry about Xbox since many of those games were also released for Windows.

    Again, be moral and only obtain the data from games that you already own.
  6. I don't own any games but Pokemon for NDS.
  7. Dude u should play Just Cause 1 and 2 !!!!!!!!!!!:) :)
  8. Again, be moral and only obtain the data from games that you already own.
    I couldn't agree more.
  9. Best answer
    Shooters :

    Crysis series, Battlefiled series, Call of duty Series, Brother in Arms series,
    Arma series, Gears of War 1(3rd person shooter), Call of juarez 1&2, Resident evil 4&5(3rd person shooter though), Metro 2033, The Chronicles of Riddick, Dead Space 1&2 (survival horror), Bulletstorm, etc.


    Prince of Persia Series, Devil May Cry 3&4( better to play with a controller), Darksiders, Batman Arkham Asylum & City(included in this section), other games you can play with the emulators mentioned by others.

    Racing games:

    NFS Most Wanted & Hot pursuit 2010, Dirt series, Split second velocity, Blur, etc.
  10. Thank you so much!
  11. CRYSIS 1!!!!!!!!
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