Asus A7M266 with AMD Athlon 1500 XP

I am setting up a new pc using the above motherboard and processor.
When I turned the system on for the first time, I enetered the BIOS and made sure all settings were correct and then saved the changes and allowed it to re-boot.
I had a start up diskette in the floppy drive. During boot up, I got one beep indicating there were no errors during post. When the next screen came up it showed all hardware attached to the motherboard and at the bottom it showed the PCI device listing.
At this point the system just hangs and does not read from the diskette drive. Now during the boot up it does see the diskette drive and starts to read from it, but then stops.
I have checked all connections, made sure all jumpers were correct, that all leads were plugged in the right sockets.
I even removed the heatsink and fan and re-attached them to the processor to make sure I have a good connection. The CPU temperature runs at 92 degrees F.
Can someone tell me where the problem lies. As it stands I cannot get to the DOS prompt to begin partioning of the harddrive and OSA installation.
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  1. Hi
    its may your floppy disk is damaged or drive have e problem try to boot from CDRom, if computer booted successfully check another cable for floppy or another floppy drive, but better first check your startup disk with diffrence computer.
    sorry for bad english writing and wrong word spelling!

    Welcome my son, welcome to the machine!
  2. Maybe you floppy cable is on the wrong way.
    Try booting from your CD and put your windows cd in. I never use a floppy to install windows.

    If you doubt the settings you made clear the CMOS and leave on default, except change your CPU to XP1500.

    In other news:
    You do see that setting for XP1500 in your BIOS, if not you might be looking at a BIOS upgrade. Not sure if they have XP BIOS updates for your monbo. The settings would be 10. by 133. , but I rather see XP1500 in the BIOS
    Hope this helps

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