KT7A-RAID Broken Stripe

Please HELP!! I am putting together my first system. Specs are listed below. I have followed the install instructions listed on Paul's Unofficial website to set-up a RAID 0 array for the KT7A-RAID mobo. After installing WIN98SE, and installing additional hardware and software, getting it set-up to my preferences, everything seems to be working ok. Then during a standard reboot, I'll get the message there is a Broken Stripe Set on secondary master. Although this seems to randomly occur, it seems to happen more often after a software install, during the reboot. I then have to recreate the RAID array, repartition, and format, and install 98 again. I've done this 5 times. I've checked the drives with IBM's Drive Fittness Test software and found no errors. I'm really at a loss to know where to go from here. Anyone have any experience with broken stripe sets? Any input would be greatly appreciated. If anyone posts and I'm slow to respond, its cause I've lost it again!! Thanks Adventureman
Antec SX1030 Fileserver 300w
Athlon 1.2 GHz
CoolerMaster DP5-6H11
256 MB Mushkin High Perf PC 133 Rev2
ASUS V7100 GeForce MX2 AGP
Voodoo 3/2000 PCI
Sound Blaster Live!
Sony FDD
Sony 52x CDROM
Plextor 12x10x32x CDRW
Unicomp WebBoard
Xsence Keypad
Logitech Trackman FX
NEC Multisync A700
NEC Multisync 3FGe
HP 722c
Acer Scanner
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  1. I had a broken Stripe once on my Epox 8K7A+ and I lost a TON of valueable info. So I got a cheap 60 gig 5400 rpm hard drive for $50 from bestbuy (so cheap because of rebate) to back up my raid array.
    I havn't heard of chronic bad stripes but you should try finding the Via Latency patch. I've heard it solves many problems with the older KT133a chipset like you have. Also make sure your card are all in the correct PCI slots, I believe you'd want your sound card in PCI 3. Also try installing with only a video card in the AGP slot and see if you still get bad stripes, if you don't then it has to be one of the PCI cards. Don't put in your voodoo video card until the very end that could be causing the problem too.

    Welcome to the end of your life Mr. Intel CPU. Don't worry I promise its going to hurt.
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