THG Needs a Case/Modding Forum

I brought this up about a year ago...these forums need some changes. Have to go to OTHER COMPONENTS to get Case information, along with mouse, keyboard etc. How bout a Case forum?

Also, why does it take so damn long to load the forum??? I wait to see the main categories, then wait to get into components, then wait to get into CPU. Sometimes up to a minute. No other forums take this long!!!

Sorry, rant...

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  1. yeah I totally agree a case forum would be great. I have to wait a long time, then I run explorer instead of AOL and things load faster, Though, If I was on a cable interent they would load like a shotgun. Tom
  2. PM Fredi. See what he thinks.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Stompfest Sept. 13-14 - Indy. IN</A> - Should be some good gaming!!!
  3. It is going to happen soon.

    I have in fact been waiting to kicking this one off.

    I think it will most likely happen Friday of this week if possible to go hand in hand with the launch of the Friday article.

    Thanks for the suggestion! - We are listening!
  4. You asked for it,you got it!
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