Gaming pc upgrade: New cpu vs second Video card

I have an i5-650, a Geforce 550ti and a basic motherboard, and im looking to upgrade. Would it be better for gaming to get an LGA1155 mobo and an i5-2500k or keep the 650 and get a mobo that supports sli an a second 550ti?
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  1. A CPU upgrade won't buy you much for gaming. I'd honestly sell your current card and get a single better video card. The money you'd spend on a new motherboard and 2nd 550Ti would pay for a great card.
  2. Ya get rid of the GTX 550ti and get a GTX560 ti or a HD6950. I have Two GTX 550 ti's and I am running them in sli and they are not putting out what they should be doing in other words more buck and no bang.

    Just one 560 would be better than the two 550's. As soon as I save up some money I am going to buy a pair of 560 ti's wiht a 448 core both of those will out do a 580. And jay2tall is right about the CPU. I wish you the best of Good luck
  3. there rite in games a stronger single gfx card is better than 2 weak 1s. although your cpu isnt the best its still plenty of grunt left in it. so hold off on that upgrade and maybe get a better cooler so you can OC it. as for the 560 ti 448 i wouldn't bother with it as there selling at a premium atm. when you can get a 570 for the same or less if you shop around. yes a 570 can be had for less than £250
  4. How would i overclock it. Ive looked at articles and videos talking about overclocking, and how to overclock stably but i've never found how to actually change that clock speed #
  5. Down load MSI Afterburner with that you can OC your GPU and ajust your fan speeds. Here is a link. and Good luck to you. It is free to down load.
  6. i know how to overclock the GPU. I dont know how to overclock a CPU
  7. monkeyman2547 said:
    i know how to overclock the GPU. I dont know how to overclock a CPU

    I am sorry I thought you ment GPU anyway here is a link to help you OC your CPU.
  8. overclocking is safest to do from bios... using things like gigabytes own overclock form windows carries a penalty in that they are often over generous with the voltages.. meaning higher temps than there should be. even going as far as damaging components through prolonged use.
    but first make sure you have sufficient cooling. stock coolers wont do...
    1s in bios you will notice a few menus. if there is no cpu tweaking section it may be hidden, so try shift+f1 (gigabyte board) this will hopefully open up the M.I.T or advanced cpu options... then its just a case of googling a guide to a successful oc for your board and cpu. from which you just copy the settings and then 1s done pray the guys guide is correct and your sample is of sufficent quality to handle the oc... remember not all cpu's are equal. even the 1s that are the same model may not require as much voltage or worse require more volts... if the latter is the case dont bother upping the volts just turn down the oc a clock cycle by 100mhz or so till your stable.
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