Hey all,
I bought a $2000 computer from the local shop last Friday (I don't want to risk my hard-earned 16-year-old money on building my own just yet). I've been anticipating this all week; I have never had a computer of my own that's been up to par. Yesterday, I get a call from this place, telling me that the 7-fan case I ordered is now out of production. So, I have two options. I either wait several weeks for them to ship in a new case, or I pick a case out at their place. I went in yesterday to pick out a case, but I was sadly disappointed with the selection. They had 2 ATX cases that looked decent for my new rig. One had a fan in the back, along with the power supply fan. No front intake fans. Though, it was quite stylish. The second had a fan in the back, as well as a side panel fan (not sure if it was intake or exhaust), but it wasn't very easy on the eye. My major problem with these cases were that they didn't have any front intake fans. The old Maximum PC rigging guide stressed the importance of these fans. However, with the new technology out today, perhaps it really isn't necessary? Here are the specs on my new computer:

P4 2.6CGhz
Asus P4e 800 Deluxe Mobo
1.44 floppy
36 gb WD Raptor 10,000 RPM (master)
200 gb Maxtor 7,200 RPM (slave)
GeForce FX 5600 256 mb
16x DVD
52x 24x 52x CD R/W
Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer

I was planning on getting the comp on Friday so I would have it for this 4-day weekend, but unfortunately my plans are now at a halt. So, should I wait it out for the other case and be safe, or should I take one of the in-store cases?

Thanks in advance for reading through this monster, and maybe even replying ^_^
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  1. ask them if you can go somewhere else and buy a case, then they can just deduct the cost of the case they were going to give you. they should do it for you. as for cooling, its best to have one intake in the bottom and an exhaust in the back. no more than that is needed. cs game server -
  2. Looks like he has a fair amount of heat generating hardware there. I'm thinking nowadays when u load up on graphics, HD's and maybe poor flow ... then a side fan is nice to have. Something that will get lots of nice air to the CPU, GPU along with North and South Bridges fast.

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  3. You should just get some confidence in yourself. Just for fun I tallied up what you'd pay getting the same components at'd come in at about $1400, with a sweet Antec or Lian-Li case. For $600 of my hard earned 16-year old dollars, I'd give it a shot. At worst, if you screw something up, hey, you've got $600 to get a replacement part and the next time, you'll have done it already. Just my 2 cents worth.
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