Radeon 5870 and Battlefield 3

Hello, I was just wondering if the 5870 should be able to play Battlefield 3 on ultra settings without any lag? I am unable (lags a bit here and there). Was wondering if I am the only one experiencing this problem?

i5 750
Sapphire 5870 1gb vapor x
8gb Corsair vengeance ddr 3 1600mhz
700wt PSU

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  1. what settings, and are you suffering from poor frame rate, or from internet issues=lag.
  2. pretty sure you won't be able to run BF3 ultra on single 5870. disabling AA/af might help your case
  3. If you are looking to run BF3 on all Ultra settings at 1080 resolution you need a dual GPU setup, period. I have a slightly OCed GTX580 and run everything on High except Ultra details. A 5870 will probably get you in the Medium and High combined settings. The best thing you can do is just set video settings to AUTO. It actually does a VERY good job of choosing settings. Just turn on VSync. AUTO gave me the settings I have now. I've tried creeping them up a little, but ultimately ended back to where it was.

    BF3 on Medium settings with DX11 still looks freaking amazing. It is one of the best looking PC games to date.
  4. yes you can play it on ultra. you should be getting 45-65 fps average with x4 fsaa if you drop that all together then you should hit 60 consistently. online i don't recommend any more than medium settings to get the best fps count.
  5. i get 40-60 average fps with ultra settings @ 1920 * 1080

    2x Vapor-X HD 4890s in crossfire (910/1100mhz)
    on phenom II 955 @ 3.5ghz

    if you get another 5870 your troubles are solved. should be 60-90 frames
  6. its a little less than double fps coz the 5870 only scales to around 70 percent.
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