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I was under the impression these new batman games were "fun". turns out its just a new final fight with batman skins. Do people really think its fun hitting one button contiously through the whole game? Arkham city and Asylum are incredibly good looking, but also incredibly predictable and boring. I had a feeling i was too old to be playing this kicking and punching kiddie crap. I am so godam tired of all these preteen geared games.

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  1. There's a slight flaw in your reasoning seeing how marvel/capcom was/is geared towards preteen audience with the superhero genre. If you were looking for something else, why try batman of all things?

    Have a go at some fps (BF3 / MW3 / Skyrim) or rts (Starcraft 2)
  2. ^ive got most of those, dont like RPG's unless like ME, dragons just aren't exciting to me.
  3. The beauty of the combat system in the new Batman games is that it is timing based, not button combination based.

    They are very fun and honestly they have been 2 of the only games to recently impress me.
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