Case recommendation?

I need to buy a case. Should have the following characteristics:

ATX (small is good)
Easy to mount MB and components (fold out bay? one-screw mount?)
Quiet PSU
2 5.4", 2 3.5" + floppy
"Looks cool" is nice but not strictly necessary

Even just a site where I could search on criteria like this, or one that suits these kinds of tastes would be helpful... .

Any recommendations?
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  1. you can check-out, they've got a good selection of cases

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  2. Thanks, this was my "worst-case" scenario, going with a LanParty modded nForce2 board and a normal case. I *HATE* installing motherboards. I was trying to avoid the apparently noisy Shuttle XPC. The BioStar IDEQ 200N saved the day... .
  3. You could try Cooler Master, they are really nice looking and most of them are all aluminum, you will pay a premium usually, unless you can find some good deals, but the quality is really good
  4. I agree. Cooler Master case is great.
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