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I'm thinking of buying a DVD player but only if I can play video files from the Internet on it. So, can I burn a video file such as .asf, .mpg or .divx onto a CD-R/RW(not DVD disc) and play it on a DVD player? If so, is there a certain type of DVD player I should buy? What video filetype must it be in in order to be able to watch it through the DVD player? Thanks for any help!
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  1. Hm... I think you might have to turn it into a VCD mpeg, then burn it as a VCD. This CD should work on any DVD player that would also play VCDs (and I think most do).

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  2. I believe you are mixing things a bit TheFuzz. You don't need a DVD player to play DivX files. Any CD-ROM can play them once you the the right codec for Media Player (or you have the Playa). So, you only need the DVD player for ripping the DVD. Everything else is not DVD player dependant.

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