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I have been searching for info on the perfect laptop for weeks. I've asked people, but I;ve gotten no clear answer. My biggest problem is that of the CPU. The Pentium 4 is powertful as well as the Athlon 64. How does the Pentium M rank against these and how does the Pentium rank against the Athlon. I plan to cough up around $2000 for a good notebook with a blend of multimedia, performance, and mobility. What would you guys recommend? Also what is the typical lifespan of a good notebook. Thanks
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  1. I'm a diehard amd fanboy but I just dont think they have quite gotten it all together on their mobile solutions yet. I'd try to get a Pentium M if at all possible. If you have your heart set on an Acer Ferrari or something though, go for it.
    My 1.8ghz Pentium M notebook slaps my 3ghz P4 workstation for cpu performance.

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  2. I like my HP Pavillion dv1000. It is a 14" wide screen, and uses Pentium M. little more than 5 pounds. It would be perfect if it had a decent video graphics chipset with discrete memory instead of the Intel Extreme 2 Graphics which shares systme memory.
    I intentionally avoided any notebook with the Pentium 4; nearly all of them are heaters, they get hot.
    Some newer models are coming out with the AMD Turion and they look real good.
    As a long time notebook user, do not get anything over 6 pounds unless you intend to set the notebook on desk and leave it there except for rare moves. If you're big and strong, it may be a different recomendation for you.
    Unfortunately, notebooks with screens larger than 15" and under 7 pounds is rare.
    The new Acer Ferrari 4000 looks real good. It is not wide screen, however.
  3. As we all know this world is not that perfect as we would like it to be, and the issues we face are far more simpler than we think they are. One thing I can tell you for sure, GET A LIFE, there is no such thing as perfect anything on this earth. It is all a matter of PERSONAL preference and opinion on a subject. Just go to the store and get something you think fits your needs the most, they all are mostly equal and good these days, anything but Celeron in low end now will beat doodoo out of anything older than 2 years (well, except IBM ones, those suckers go for years without hiccups;)

    The things you are to look at are: screen (should be easy on eyes, and I mean easy if you want to keep them), keyboard (should not be in any case uncomphertabel or make you do tricks to avoid hitting anything but the key (Dell Inspiron for example)), GPU (run some newer games would do); everything else will do just fine or can be upgraded to get to the state of being fine. If you need lots of time unplugged, get PM, otherwise makes no difference other than fan noise.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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