Does GTA IV work with an HP 1859m PC?

I want GTA IV really bad. But I just wanted to know if it does work with an HP 1859m computer. Please help me make my birthday wish come true!! :(
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  1. gta4 was a terrible pc port

    i have a very high end pc and the game was so buggy i gave up trying to play it in the end

    just google something like

    gta 4 on pc problems
  2. thanks but let me know it does work, ok?
  3. HP 1859m
    it is a monitor, you can play any game on any monitor

    the main things are cpu, ram and graphics card and drivers also
    can you post your pc's specification, use cpuz software or dxdiag
    if your computer have atleast duel core cpu , 2 gb ram, and 256 mb nvidia geforce 7 or ati x1900, then you are good to go
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