WITHCHER 2 poor performance and rendering

I had an 8800gt and it burned out -replaced it with a palit gtx560ti and its simply pathetic in comparison.
Graphics drop out - no rendering in places and never more than 2 seconds without jerky play.
New drivers - uptodate patches - clean install nothing has made any difference - is this just a poor card?
The Gainward 800 played smoothly and looked good enough for its age. An upgrade shouldnt be a backward step - especially at these prices....
and No I wont upgrade to windows 7 just on the offchance it will improve the performance of my card!

Even playing on minimum the results were tragic.

(palit gtx 560ti - amd 3000 dual core 4gb ram vista)
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  1. what settings? ubersampling on or off?

    Missing elements doesn't sound good. Did you remove and reinstall the drivers?
  2. what PSU are you using and is it providing enough amps on the 12v rail? (not sure if the 560ti draws more power than the 8800GT, im going to assume it does.)
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