Nvidia GeForce 560 Ti performing badly with The Witcher 2.

I'm wondering what the problem is. I can run every modern game on ultra, even more graphically intensive ones, like Battlefield 3, and I keep on experiencing massive framerate drops with The Witcher 2, even on minimum settings. I'm stumped. Does anyone else have this issue?
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  1. is your game patched to the latest patch?

    what are your settings in nVCP?

    do you have aa/af/ao turned off?

    what resolution are you running?

    witcher 2 is the most demanding dx9 game to date. part of it having to do with poor optimization afaik.
  2. Have you got ubersampling enabled? that destroys your framerate.
  3. bumnut53 said:
    Have you got ubersampling enabled? that destroys your framerate.

  4. What are the rest of your system specs, what resolution are you running at, and which advanced options in Witcher 2 are you using?

    Also ensure you have the latest drivers.
  5. I've got the same problem with Witcher 2 (The Steam version). My GTX560Ti gets crushed in that game. The weird thing is, I'll get 60+ frames when talking to strangers but as soon as the camera focuses on Gerald the frame rates drops by half (sometimes more). Not cool.

    My guide was Nvidia's Tweak guide. I disabled AA, US, and Cinematic Bloom thingy. Still the same results.

    ...and I tought I was going to play this with 3D Vision. Bah! I guess not...
  6. I was also getting poor frame rates from Witcher 2 before specially if Geralt is in closed spaces. The patches resolved the issue.
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