Skyrim graphical issues

Hey guys first of this is my setup,

i7 2600k
8gb ddr3 1333mhz corsair vengence
3gb 590gtx
nvidia 430(dedicated physx card)
120 gb OCZ ssd
1tb western digital black
asus rampage
asus xondr dx2 sound card

and i can not playrim on any high settings when i select medium/high or ultra and start the game i get lots of flickering and the game will nto play it will only play on low..
please help
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  1. are you using mods?
  2. Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics cards?
  3. No modifications at all, yes I have the current drivers. I also tried the beta drivers to see if that would help. And nothing.
    in my Nvidia control panel I have v-sync set to force so could that be causing some issues?
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