New Comp needs internet: Riser, you there?

wusy recommended calling upon riser for this topic. I've got a broadband cable internet connection and run that through a Linksys 4 port router. I have two other computers that run through this router and one wirelessly. I was wondering what software I need for either my motherboard or XP Pro to identify this router?

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  1. You're talking about the wireless card to recognize the router?

    It's a wireless router, right?

    Linksys G router probably?

    You can use the windows zero configuration utlility with is so-so.. or your adapter will have software that works with it. Linksys wifi cards have a very simple and great software driver to run their cards.

    All of your computers can access the router via an internet browser- Internet Explorer.

    You don't need anything special to connect to a router via a webpage. If you type in the IP address of the router, it'll pop up a GUI interface.

    If you have a Linksys or most other brands, the default IP for the router is

    If you have D-Link, you'll have

    But as far as wireless, you get 2 options. The windows built-in wifi which is under the Network Connections in the Control panel and it should have a wireless connection already created..

    Or the software that may have come with your wireless card. If you don't have the software, list what kind of card you have and we can find the software for it.

    But.. that is, assuming your router is actually a wireless router. If not, you can pick up a Linksys Wireless G router probably for less than you could pick up a Linksys Wireless Access Point. You can always turn your wired router into a switch by disabling DHCP.


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  2. Sorry about the wait but my uncle try to fix my computer only giving it the BSOD. Everytime I plug in an ethernet cable into the mobo port, I get a BSOD. Otherwise it works fine without. I may try a different operating system and just reinstall everything. Unless you have something I could try before I do so.

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  3. You'll want to uninstall your NIC drivers, reinstall your motherboard Chipset driver and then install your NIC drivers. For some reason I want to say your NIC is built-in to your motherboard?

    That should hopefully correct the BSOD when you plug in a network cable.
  4. I think part of the problem was that I forgot to install the network drivers off of the Mobo CD :redface: , but it looks like the Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Driver is pretty old (8/19/2004). It says the network cable is unpluged but everything is plugged in right. I got software with my router but I need a internet connection first before I can install that. Where would I get the NIC drivers?

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  5. Check the motherboard manufactuere's website for the drivers. They'll have the latest.. but even then, those drivers aren't that old and should work.

    If you're getting a network cable unplugged when it's plugged in and plugged in on the other side.. there's a good chance your cable is damaged.. that is, if you had installed the drivers for it.. but it wouldn't even tell you that if you didn't have the drivers installed.
  6. I just got it to work with morning. I used a different cable. My Marvell Yukon Controller showed the bridge as connented but the Nvidia Controller doesn't seem to be working. There were two bridges to go from, a connection 2 and 3. The Yukon was on 3 and the Nvidia one was on 2. I'm going to try with the other cable again to make sure it was the cable. Thanks for your help. Now I just need to get these low FPS sorted out.

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  7. The Nvidia LAN device can also be disabled in BIOS, but I don't think it will show up if disabled.

    I had a similar problem with my nvidia controller/marvel where only one was working at a time. Forgot what I did but it was because there were redundant features to do the same thing.

    And are your connections bridged?? You might not want to do that unless you're hooking up both NICs to do something specific..
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