Wii Virtual Console and/or WiiWare Recommendations

Hi Guys,

I have 2600 points in my account at the Wii shop channel, I don't know what to buy. :fou: I was hoping if you guys would have any advice for me on what to buy.

I like : Fighting, action, RPG, simulation, strategy, platformer, beat 'em ups, puzzle, and shooters.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. I'm tempted to get china warrior but not sure.
  2. sorry for being a-bit late but in the virtual console you can buy act raiser for snes its 800 and is mix of sidescoller and sim i highly recomend it but keep in mind you will need a classic controller (gamecube doesnt work well with snes) oh and also paper mario n64 that is one of the best games i ever owned for only 1000 wii points just youtube them both i hope you enjoy them as much as i did -nick
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