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Hi there,

Newb, first time poster here, but I love this site! it has helped make many decisions. Anyway, more to the point, I'm building my first system, and plan to OC just a little at first. my compenents I bought are below.

MB- Abit IC7-G
CPU- P4 2.8 retail
CPU Cooler- Vantec VP4-C7040
HD- Western Digital Raptor SATA 36gig
Memory- Corsair XMS Twin512-3200C2 PT
Optical- Samsung 52x24x52/16xdvd
Video- XFX GeforceFX 5950

and here is where I need the help:

I think I want to buy the Vantec ION 400b power supply(is this a good one?), it seems to be good for the price, but what is the best case to buy? I'm looking for something easy for a first-timer, decent features, quiet and in the $50-$100 price range. I'm thinking of the Chenbro Xpider, or the Kingwin KT-424, but I'm really open to anything. PLEASE HELP! thanks

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  1. I've got one of those aluminum Lian Li cases - It's sweet and light! Lotta space and nice to work in. Last case I used I had to remove the RAM from the motherboard to take out the harddrives. But I still spent $120 US on my Lian Li case. My suggestion if you haven't already, go to a local computer store and take a look at the cases there. Check them out and see what you like and how it feels. You will get more information that way then looking at pictures on the internet.

    As for between the Xpider and the Kingwin - I would pick the Kingwin - looks about the same size as mine and the removeable motherboard trays are great.

    As for quiet - I think that has more to do with the fans that you install rather then case.

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  2. i have built some systems with antec cases, and i have liked them alot. solid, comes with nice psu, easy to work with, and not bad looking.
  3. I like both the Xpider and KT-424 they are both good cases and should be well suited for your configuration.
  4. Cool thanks for the input, I'm gonna get the kingwin. also, The new Vantec case looks nice, but it's not out yet.

    by the way, I didn't know I needed a higher speed ram to OC...i just thought it helped...I cancelled my order for 3200 and bought pc3500 ram. thanks

  5. I ended uo buying the Antec Performance Plusview LE from newegg. It was on sale for $89.00, free shipping and includes a carry strap free, not that ill use it much. IF anyone has objections to this case please say. I figued good bang for the buck, but i hope it's not too advanced for me. thanks

  6. The Chenbro Xpider is NOT just some cheap steel case - it is high quality, and comes with many neat features that weren't even mentioned in the THG article. I own the blue variant, and am highly pleased with it.

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  7. Quote:
    You do not what a Chenbro Xpider, it's just like any other cheap steel cases out there.

    Wow, you were just starting to learn about stuff like an expert, then you got stupid again! Have you even LOOKED at the reviews on this case? Let me clue you in! Chenbro makes high quality cases. BETTER THAN ANY ALUMINUM CASES IN THE SAME PRICE RANGE! That's right, I'm speaking of CHEAP ALUMINUM CASES that are made of the same gauge metal as the cheapest steel cases, they nearly collapse just by breathing on them.

    Generaly speaking steel cases are STRONGER than aluminum. And for good quality steel cases, they can be nearly TWICE AS STONG while featuring the same quality construction as top of the line aluminum cases.

    Look at the Chieftech cases as an example. Remember the steel ones? You like the aluminum ones? Except for the different material, they are the same case! Now the steel one is heavier, but it's also quieter, cheaper, and stronger.
    Anything from Antec is fine, no worries.

    And Antec gets their cases from...Guess who? And most of Antec's cases are steel!

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  8. According to a famous THG editor, both the Chieftech and Antec cases are made by Codegen (I believe that's the name). Anyway, we always knew that except for a few Antec mods they were the same case.

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  9. Sorry, the second part: Manufacturing quality is a larger part of case quality than how much a single person prefers the design. I'm talking about things such as buffed edges and heavy material. The cheapest cases usually include folded edges, because the extremely thin material is very easy to fold.

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  10. Hey, I like the Chenbro Xpider very much! It is a very affordable case that offers many features for the money. I don't know if you noticed or not, we were one of the first to give it an Editor's Choice award.

    I am not sure what features I missed in the review, but I do think that I covered most of what the case had to offer that was important to the review.

  11. Chenbro is not building cases for Antec. (Or at least they are not at the present time)

    Chenbro produces quality products that is a given.
  12. How much did you pay for the Kingwin? And other the other components you list? Did you buy online? From what vendor? Are you satified with service? Are you satisfied.

  13. For good price/quality/service, go online at
    they offer pretty good prices.

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  14. Wow,

    I ended up buying the Antec Performance Plusview 1000amg soho case.

    Case $89.00
    P4 2.8 800 retail $175 OC'd to 3.02
    Abit IC7-G Ret $160 (has onboard 5.1 sound)
    WD raptor 36gig $110
    Vantec ION 400b PS $60
    Vantec TMD $25
    Sony Floppy Drive $15
    Samsung SM352 52x24x52/16x combo with 8mb cache-$50.00
    Windows XP- Retail bundle- $110
    Logitech Z640 5.1 speakers $60
    Corsair XMS twin512-pc3200c2/pt- $100
    The rest is old parts I had(samsung 172T Flat panel, and Geforece4 ti4600 128mb)...I went to and and just bought from the cheapest place. I live in jersey so newegg charges sales tax, so i only got the case from them....I also got free shipping on most stuff. Also as a side note..for my first time building, everything went well, no problems.

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