Pulling my hair out looking for a new case...

Why on earth is it so difficult to find a *plain* PC case these days? If I want a neon green alien or a flashing biohazard sign, I've got hundreds of options, but if I want a plain case with nothing fancy I'm stuck scouring the internet for days and days.

Now that I'm done ranting, maybe you folks will have some suggestions for me. I'm looking for a black case. I'd like it to be aluminum, as I'll probably end up toting it to work a few times a month. I dont want a server tower, just a mid sized case, or mini tower. I really only need 3 drive bays (5.25), 4 is ok. Front panel USB would be nice, but not neccesary. It doesnt matter if it has a PSU or not, I'll just be replacing it anyways. Must must must be true black. And lastly, I *hate*, hate with a burning passion, *hate* drive bay doors. Otherwise I'd just pickup a Chieftec.

I was looking at <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage.asp?image=11-116-143-02.jpg/11-116-143-03.jpg/11-116-143-06.jpg/11-116-143-07.jpg/11-116-143-05.jpg/11-116-143-08.jpg/11-116-143-04.jpg" target="_new">this</A> Enlight case, and I like it, but it's steel. So maybe that'll give you some idea as to what I'm looking for.

I really like the Antec cases too but they're not true black, it's some rediculous charcoal color that looks terrible with black drives.

As always, any information is apprecated. If I'm asking too much, please let me know so I can go grab a bright orange Alienware case...
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  1. I had the same problem as you have...
    If you want a good case (black), you can look at:
    Lian-Li (Lian-Li PC-601B USB2)
    Kingwin (KT-424-BK)
    COOLER MASTER Model# ATC-201B-BXT (this one has a window though)

    those are good, light (aluminum) cases!

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  2. I agree with Newbie. The Kingwin and the Lian Li look good. I know my Lian Li case is nice to work in. Lots of room and most every thing is attached with thumb screws. Light weight too. It's the PC-82 but that is silver - looks like Lian-Li has some nice plain black cases.

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  3. I know the kingwin kt-424 comes with an option for a side window or not...newegg.com has both i beleive. I'm buying this case too.
  4. Just go to newegg.com, and use the filters to search for a case - you can filter by color and size, and then it automatically sorts by price.

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  5. Consider <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProduct.asp?description=11-108-273&depa=1" target="_new">This Inwin Case</A>. It has similar construction to the classic Enlight case, but the side panel slides backwards to release, instead of forward, so you don't have to remove the face to remove the side as you would with the Enlight. Both companies have been around since at least the 486 days and building cases of similar quality for the same market.

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  6. Just cast your eyeballs over the case i got, pictured here:

    <A HREF="http://www.auspcmarket.com.au/show_product_info.php?code=CA-CSSF201B&category_id=40" target="_new">http://www.auspcmarket.com.au/show_product_info.php?code=CA-CSSF201B&category_id=40</A>

    Its very nice, for lots of reasons.
    1. Black inside and out. Anodised and hard to scratch.
    2. Roomy
    3. 4 x 5.25" bays
    4. 3 x 3.5" bays
    5. removable vertically mounted 5x HDD bay
    6. SIX quiet 80mm casefans (ventilation so good i only use 3)
    7. removable mobo tray
    8. 4 front USB, 1 firewire, 2 audio
    9. Looks fantastic

    U can find it or very similar cases around the world under a variety of product names.
    The actual manufacturer is Superflower.
    Atlas, dynatron, Kingwin it also goes by.

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  7. I love Lian-Li case. They offer some very good black cases.
  8. Don't steer me wrong now forum members - I'm counting on your ego to set me straight. I'm either going to build a system or buy one. My needs are limited to Word, Email, browsing AND occational use of photoshop and illustrator (NO GAMING).

    My budget (not including monitor)is approx $400-$450 (which must include XP home).

    I'm considering a Celeron emachine (heresay I know, but it's a price thing). The emachine specs are as follows:

    (*) Celeron 2.6 GHZ, (*) 40 Gig hard drive,

    (*) 256 MB DDR RAM, and (*) CD-RW,

    The system also includes: a 17" flat screen CRT @ 0.25 dotpitch and - a color printer (don't need either). For an additional $50 the RAM can be upgraded - which should maximize photoshop.

    The system is on sale at Best Buy for $389.00 plus $50 for the extra RAM - total system price = $440.00 plus tax.


    Do I buy the emachine and sell the CRT and Printer, or build my own system. Building it is not an issue - did it in 1985 when vendors were not synchronized. The issue is budget. If I can build for $350, add $80 for XP and perform editing tasks in illustrator/photoshop without yawning - then I'm in biz - otherwise it's an emachine for me.

    If you vote to build - help me out? What components/price and vendor should I buy from.



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  9. Why exactly do you feel the need to post that in my case thread?

    Besides, you'll get a much better response if you create your own thread.
  10. yes thats correct wusy. Almost a year old now bless its aluminium side pannels! :smile:

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