Random Shut Down in SCII & SWTOR after hardware upgrade

Hello there. I've been stratching my head trying to diagnos the problem I am having. My computer shuts off while playing the 2 video games I mention. It could happen after 10 minutes or 30 minutes. No restart, just total shut down and I can immediately reboot. I had CPUID Hardware Monitor running during the last shut down and there was nothing sifnificant about temps. I did a one hour stress test with OCCTP and no shut down occured. I did the 15 furmark Burn in test and nothing happened. The only time I experienced the shut down outside of the games was when running a test for stability with GPUTool, the comp shut down after 2 seconds of test starting. I tried the test again later and nothing happened (I've done it a few times since).

I have all new componants in the computer except for the hard drive.

I should also mention one random bit of information. Every now and then (let's say once every 4 hours) the screen does a little jerk (shake). Nothing extreme but kind of odd.

MOBO: Asus M5A88-V EVO
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Mem: DDR3, 8 gigs. Kingston
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  1. sorry, kids interrupted my past before I was done hehe.

    Video card: AMD Radeon 6770 1Gig DDR5
    PSU: Coolmaster extreme power plus 550W
  2. To me it seems like its your GFX card.....it might be bad or just overheating. Also you need to look at the power requirements of all your components. you only have a 550w PSU and while i think it is ok, you should still check to make sure. You need to make sure you arent running the games at extreme settings either. I have a 5870 and it will smoke that 6770, so play with your graphics settings in game to see if that helps at all. One thing that is ALWAYS good to check is your RAM, run memtest for a bit to see if your memory is the issue.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I ran memtest and that panned out ok. I put the settings in SCII on low and I still shut down. It has now happened another time outside of a game, though it wasn't long after a previous in game shut down. Is there a better video card temp monitor I could use? I'm using CPUID HWMonitor but it measures my video care at 34C (93F) idle and only 45C while running games.
  4. MSI Afterburner will give you exact results, if you don't want to use a separate programm: AMD's Catalyst Control Center that comes with your cards drivers also shows the temperature (and some more).

    What card is it exactly? You made sure you plugged in the extra 6pin power connector into it?
  5. screens doing jerks, in CRT monitors that was degaussing. idk what monitor you have though. If you got a CRT monitor, don't worry about it, that jerking is normal.

    does the PC shut down cold or does it reboot?

    I'm thinking it might be a ram issue. when you ran memtest did you run 1 stick or both?
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