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Power Supply question... Please help ASAP!

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November 8, 2003 8:40:21 PM

I just bought a new case with a generic 400W power supply... wasn't top of the line, looks like it is a cheapo...

Now I am running the following:

Asus A7V266 motherboard
Athlon XP 1600+
256 MB DDR PC2700 Ram
WD 40GB Hard Drive
Geforce3 Ti500
4 case fans
Netgear Network Adapter
Sound Card

Now when I load up Asus Probe it says the +12 is out of the threshold and is running about 13.248V.

In the Bios it says it is running about the same, should there be any cause for concern here? I am probably only using up about 300W of power of so...

The 12V rail is 12A the 5V is 30A and the 3.3V is 25A... does this look ok or should I be seriously worried about what is going on? The Bios says that the +5 and +3.3V are running correctly though.. but why would the +12 be running 13.248V?

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November 9, 2003 2:49:59 AM

Don't trust the amperage ratings on cheap supplies. Your 12v line is fine, anything between 11.5v and 13.8v should work well.

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