Older PC games, console games, etc.Please don't assume it's negative.


I don't know where to ask these questions. Please don't think they are for negative purposes and if you'd like to private message me that is fine. I am trying to learn somethings and at first am just curious for knowledge.

Currently I am not a gamer. I'm into media and it's more important. I have been concidering the idea of getting into gaming again. I use to do it heavily when I was younger. Things changed so did interests or priorities. I know my way around computers now and do not want to buy one unless I build it and even install the OS's. I'm not really into the idea of console gaming since it's propriatery, if I started again it would be focusing mostly or all on PC games and potentially on consoles.

I'd like to try and play some or all of the older titles so I understand the series, and just out of curiosity for the gaming history, etc. I know the newer titles are much more responsive, stable(probably), look better, have more features, etc.

I have seen some older titles and some used older games in stores. I cannot run those on XP/Vista which is what I have. I was wondering if there is a way to get them to run on my systems or Win7(I plan to get a laptop later with this). This also relates to some of my next questions and console games.

I know some older titles have been re-released. I am aware of emulators. I do not use emulators for PC games or Console games. I am too concerned about my systems being hit by malware. Piracy affects us all and to me it's not worth it. Believe it or not...So, how can I get these older games to run? I look at it like: I can get a swath of games for dirt cheap at a garage sale, flea market, bargin bin, a retail store or online store for dirt cheap. I can do that with console games too. I want them to run on my system currently and in the future though.

1. I can try and find an older OS or two (online probably) and try to build a system that is the best that will be supported (EG: Win 98, 98SE, Me, 2000) and keep my XP/Vista systems now. But the problem is that I don't need about 3 or 4 computers. Some of those older companies are out of business or have been absorbed by another, I am unsure if updates and patches are even still available. I know what dual-boot is. My dekstop has XP/Vista on it, I put the OS's on there. I know about Virtual PC's and XP Mode, but I don't believe that they run everything or can be stable. Can anyone comment on that?

2. How stable are Virtual PC's (XP,Vista,Win7) and XP Mode(Win7) to run games and OS's? How do the older OS's respond to all the new hardware and drivers? The ones you can download from Microsoft, and any other recommendations are a good idea.

3. I like to be able to play console games too. When those can be found for cheap if I got into the culture, why not? How can I play thos eon my PC though? This relates to the emulators. I have found some software that apparently can copy discs content. I was curious as how to copy cartridge games. Do you hook up the consoles or have to buy any hardware? I wouldn't mind doing the work for myself as long as it's not too tedious. I was told by some people who bought Wii's that you can purchase all the old games from the older systems if you want. That might be easier, but I am curious about the process. Some searches brought up nothing but some ideas as how the process works. Again: I want to play on a desktop or my laptop, since having boxes of games and 10 consoles isn't the way to get portable. I'd have to aquire all the hardware though, but if I went on a trip I can still do my thing.

4. Are there ways to get older PC games to work on newer OS's like some console games and emulators? Obviously I'd need a product key, it's just that I'm not aiming for 3 or more computers in a cramped apartment or 10 OS's to have to deal with and troubleshoot. I have seen some sites that claim they are selling older titles that are in emulators and the software companies have endorsed it. I have not looked into this, but if anyone can recommend legitimate places I'd be interested. If it's $3 - $6, that saves me a lot of time and I can keep using XP/Vista and Win7 in future.

5. I don't want to start mod'ing consoles like a PS2 or PS3, etc. I know about that. That is not what I mean.

I hope someone replies or can tell me where to check out. What I am trying to ask is bodering along programming and coding things. If the process to archive anything I own or will in the future isn't too tedious, I will not hesitate. Also scratched discs are a problem and I archive ALL of my media incase there is a problem.

Currently I look at it like this if I want to start gaming:

1. If I want PC games, my best bet is to just buy games for the OS's I have. And start keeping my current computers. Then I need to consolidate them and have multi-boots or swappable drives.

2. I can also try to find or build a system for the older titles that need and older OS (probably Win98, Me and or Win 2000 on a multi-boot). I could collect every other OS and have about 4 or more desktops where I live with or without multi-boots. This is not what I want. Maybe 1 more desktop.

3. If I want console games I can start trying to collect them, and this will take up way too much physical space.

4. I can stick to the consoles that were discs to maybe make my life easier.

5. I can try and get a newer console system or certain ones that allow me to get older titles.

6. For PC games: I could attempt Virtual PC's or XP Mode in Win7 or compatability mode for the games that work and maybe get a few older titles working. I am unsure of the older OS's and programs behaviour in these circumstances.

7. I can emulate what I buy myself wether cartridge or disc and play on current OS's. But I don't know how to do this.

8. If only I could get those old coin-operated arcade games. Most of them were always better than the home-released version. Some of them did not come out for a home-release and only were in arcades. I don't have the space for these where I live and that could get expensive.

I'm just here to learn. Any help is appriciated.
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  1. Hmm, not to be mean or anything, but make this post shorter. Then you'll get some help. Also, this message covers a lot of different things, so you can chop it up into different questions to ask in different sub-forums.

    Otherwise, it's TLDR for the most of us.
  2. Ok, I'll try and chop it up.

    I don't know what might be answered in this forum or others. Some people could take my post as not being aligned with the forum guidelines, even though I'm not trying to bring that here.

    Any other web-sties I could go to and read being posted are appriciated if anythings a problem.
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