Skyrim upgrade question

Wanted to get skyrim, but not sure if my old comp will handle it. Specs:
Phenom 9850
8gb ddr2 1066
Radeon 3870 512

I'd be happy with medium settings
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  1. Depends on what resolution you're gonna be playing at, but i would say your computer will be able to handle Skyrim on medium settings at 1600x900 resolution :)
  2. Thanks, I only have a 1440x900 monitor... So maybe that's good enough. Think a moderately upgraded video card would get me smooth performance on high?
  3. Well i play Skyrim at 1920x1080 with a GTS 450 on high settings with 40fps+ so i should say with the GPU you have now you will be able to play on high at that resolution :) though i'm just speculating here :pt1cable: also my cpu and ram is not as powerful as yours i think :??: if you have the cash upgrading your video card would probs be a good idea, something like a Nvidia 560 Ti or a ATI HD 5850
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