Battlefield 3 lag spikes

Hi all,

System Spec

i5 2500k 3.3 GHz
EVGA geforce 560 ti FPB 850 mhz 1gb
G.skill 2x2gb 1600 ram
Msi p67a-c43 b3
antec new blue 750 w
win 7 ultimate 64 bit

I've just built my first computer. I did so to play battlefield 3. I am currently trying to run it on ultra.

I've got through the campaign without any problems, always smooth fps. The problem arises

when i try to play multiplayer. The first 5 minutes the game runs beautifully no matter what is

happening on screen. Then after that period, i start to get lag spikes every 5-10 seconds. In

between the fps returns to its fluidity, then almost freezes for a second at one of these spikes. I

noticed the cpu and gpu performance would dip at these same moments. This can be seen

in the link.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if they know of a solution.
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  1. you won't run it on ultra with a 560ti. What are the temps looking like on your GPU and CPU during these moments, use evga precision or msi afterburner to graph gpu temps and or speedfan for cpu temps. Suspicision is the card or cpu is overheating and throttling.

    Sorry ddn't see gpu temps, they look fine.
  2. its some problem with the game not with your system my 5870s oc'd in crossfire get this as do my friends dual 6970s so the best you can hope for is a patch i guess.
  3. Turn on VSync and set the video settings to AUTO. It is pretty good at setting what it needs to be. Start with that. A 560Ti won't be able to run multiplayer on Ultra. Most likely a combo of High and medium. My guess is High details with some items set to medium to get 60FPS. It will also depend on your screen resolution.
  4. ^ what jay said. single 560ti won't get you full ultras
  5. I actually found on another forum, they were saying one gig video memory was not enough for ultra settings. So I turned textures down to high, and turned AA down to 2x and now the game runs pretty perfect. Thanks for the comments anyways, hopefully this helps other people.
  6. My single 560 Non TI gets 45 FPS on Ultra, 1920x1080, 2xAA. I also get annoying lag spikes after about 5 Mins. It dosent happen in single player. Out of VRAM? Out of RAM?
  7. out of GPU
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