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can i convert old style tv to accept three plug jacks for x box
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  1. you can get an adapter to do that, yes. as for why you'd want to do that is beyond me. if you can afford an xbox you should be able to afford a decent TV
  2. AntiZig said:
    you can get an adapter to do that

    Or you can just use an old VHS player :D Plug the components in, set to video in, and use the coaxial cable out to your tv on channel 3/4.

    If this is an old Xbox, it doesn't really matter. But if you are refering to an Xbox 360 you may be pretty disappointed because it's an HD console and you really want to upgrade your TV.
  3. It depends on how many plug does the old tv have and the class of tv. You can bring it to shops and leave it with them for consultation if it works. Also to shops that fix tv i'm sure they have a little info to tell you.
  4. itd be much easier just to use a vcr like jay2tall pointed out
  5. ya i agree with you.
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