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Broken PC - Help!

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November 16, 2003 8:04:16 AM

I was using my computer and then it instantly shut off and now I cannot get it to turn on again. What most likely happened? Thanks

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November 16, 2003 8:10:52 AM

Most likely? Power supply failure. If your supply doesn't have automatic reset, it might be fried, or may have blown a fuse.

There are other reasons this could happen, but power supply failure is the most likely.

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November 18, 2003 11:00:38 PM

It was my neighbor's computer that fizzled. No there is no burning or smoke.

Now I am thinking I am going to try and take out my power supply and put it in their computer to see if it will fix it. Is this safe? Will it burn up my power supply? Are the two power supplies likely compatible? Thanks in advance
November 19, 2003 7:12:55 PM

If they are both ATX PSU (look at the MoBo connectors) then it should be fine if both have around the same wattage (look at the Power delivered by the PSU on the side of it).

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