Buy Vista Ultimate now or wait for 7?

First post!

Looking for some advice on whether to buy vista now, and get the free upgrade, or just wait and buy 7 straight out. I've heard humors that it will be cheaper to buy vista now, but not familiar with how the upgrade will work. Would the upgrade be JUST an upgrade so if I ever needed to do a clean install I'd have to go through vista or will I get a DVD to straight up install 7.

I was also trying to confirm what i heard about purchasing windows x64... I was told if you buy x64 you can get x86 for the price of shipping? Any truth in that?

Thanks for the help everybody. Love the forum.
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  1. get the vista + upgrade
  2. I suggest you wait and get the full version, the box will contain both x86 & x64 disks.
    With only 6 days to go it's not worth while getting Vista and then upgrading.
    As to whether it's cheaper it depends on the deal you can get, check the conditions and any other cost, like packaging and handling fees that may apply before ordering.
    Newegg seems a good price:
    So it depends what they will want for a full version when it's released.
  3. Geez, it's 3 days (and 4 hours for me) dude.......newegg starts shipping Win 7 on the 19th (for arrival at your door on 10/22

    $174 for Ultimate if you order b4 10/20
  4. less than a week to go - hold off and save messing about with reinstalling mere days after the first install.
  5. Thanks for the responses... going off this info I found from cnet

    "When boxed copies of Windows 7 go on sale on October 22, Microsoft plans to charge $119 for Home Premium, $199 for Professional and $219 for Ultimate....

    The full versions of Windows 7--the editions for those without a copy of Windows--will be priced at $199 for Home Premium, $299 for Professional and $319 for Ultimate."

    I'm struggling to understand this all. I'm building a new system so I need the full edition at 319? I don't get what you get for 219... just the upgrade after 22 Oct? Does the 'system builders' from new egg or others come with x64 and x86?

    Thanks for all the help. Didn't think this would be so difficult
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