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I just bought the witcher from steam ik im late on the game but my FPS range from 40-72 on average is about 55 is this normal i use a 6850 and a phenom ii 965 BE any suggestions as why and thanks
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  1. yes this normal anything under 30 would be bad and you have a nice GPU. If your running on high settings the FPS should be between 40 and 60 but if you are on low setting you should get a lot better than 60FPS. With your GPU. But if you are getting below 40 on low then there is a problem. I hope this helps a little.
  2. lol watchu talkin bout man thats great fps to a game so demandin as the witcher
    or r u trollin us?
  3. I think his complaint is that he feels a 6850 should perhaps be handling the game above 60fps reliably on whatever settings he is using. To which I would wonder at what resolution are you playing? Generally you sound in the correct ballpark fps-wise.
  4. O its cuz i could get a constant 60 with fallout 3 so i thought why not the same with the witcher because with the witcher it ranges from around 37-60 fps and im not trolling i play on 1680x1050 oh and i play on fullscreen lol im still pretty new to pc thats why i just built my pc around 2 months ago so yea
    PS: i just got into pc gaming got away from horrible xbox
  5. @casualcolors so this fps should be around correct?
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    Seems reasonable. 2 games of similar pedigree but can't account for differences like how draw distances are rendered and such. You could nitpick around with more optimizations, but unless it's just a bad driver-set that you could rollback to something more functional, I don't think you 're going to see huge leaps and bounds of improvement with that graphics card. RPG games in general at 1680x1050 and above on the 5770 sometimes tend to have fps-dips if they're not well optimized. I'm just coming off a 5770 myself.

    My only other idea is that you could ditch CCC completely, pick up ATI-Tray Tools and overclock beyond the built in limits of CCC. ATI Tray Tools doesn't have a cap on the core-clock slider and I was able to overclick my 5770 to 1ghz core clock stable in all games on stock voltage limits, after a break-in period at several lower clocks progressively.

    Also try cranking up your CPU overclock as well. 1680x1050 can sometimes be a cpu-limited resolution in certain games. If you overclock your GPU substantially and see no results, or lowering settings doesn't improve fps much, it could be related to CPU clock speed.
  7. Ok thanks but ive read articles about overclocking an i dont have the slightest how to although my cpu has a 3rd party cooler anyways, the article says this i got this from built my own though) quote

              Many competitors of StealthMachines will advertise that they can overclock their processors to extremely high speeds. I always smile when I see this. They're basically advertising that their computers will break down faster so they can sell you a new one sooner.

              While I agree that this business model probably gets them more repeat customers, I do not feel it's right to sell my customers computers which are designed to fail. I'd much rather sell computers which last for years and pick up referrals.

              My advice on the subject of overclocking is by no means the right advice for every situation, but it is the right advice for most situations. If you're looking to get the very best 3Dmark score possible, then by all means overclock. Overclocking does a good job of padding your score and it will literally make your geo metro computer appear to run at porsche speeds. For all other situations, DO NOT overclock!

              It is a little known fact that overclocking does almost nothing to increase system performance in-game (where 99% of users actually need performance improvements). While your system may SAY it's running faster, in all reality it's running at the same if not slower speeds. The reason for this isn't simple, but I'll give you the basics. When overclocking, you must sacrifice at least one of two things...

              One is heat. This is guaranteed. If you overclock, you are subjecting your computer to unnecessary levels of heat. Unless you're using advanced cooling like liquid nitrogen , extra heat is unavoidable. EVEN IF your processor is liquid cooled, you are subjecting the other parts (memory and motherboard to be specific) to temperature extremes which they are not designed for. The damage of this heat is not immediately apparent.

              What nobody in the computer business seems to take into account is the reality of creep . Electronics are made of metal... and not just any metal. Electronics are made of solder, a lead based metal which is easy to melt. When metal is exposed to heat for long periods of time, it begins to deform. This deformation is gradual enough that even the most robust of burn-in tests would never detect the long-term damage caused by even the smallest amount of excess heat.

              Even if you get the heat under control, you're still having to sacrifice other timings. By increasing your voltage and core clock, you nearly always need to decrease important but often overlooked metrics. An example of this is the core multiplier. You basically have to reduce these other metrics in order to keep the computer from tripping over itself. It's the equivalent of increasing a human's reading speed by skipping over words. Something has to give. In the case of my human example, your comprehension level is what gives. In the case of computers, your memory speed or core multiplier are often the first to go. System stability is often quick to follow.

              That's the last point I would like to make. Overclocking causes instability. This instability might go unnoticed for weeks, months, or even years. But then it will hit you. Blue screens of death, artifacts on the screen, SPAM, etc. are all symptoms of an unstable system and the cure is to avoid overclocking like the plague. There's a reason they call it overclocking... it's putting your parts over their designed limits. The Titanic was pushed to its limits. We all know what happened to that "state of the art" cruise ship. Unquote lol kinda long whats your opinion on this?
  8. So that is a business promo for someone who sells computers with high end components that won't require overclocking immediately or just sells stock-clocked components in general, trying to promote his business to profit. Fair enough.

    The reality is that you can certainly overclock to the point of system instability. There is usually a wide margin between stock performance and an overclock that is too high and causes that instability.

    As far as performance increase in games, it is largely relative to the game you're playing. Some games offload things like shadow rendering to the CPU and that causes a weak CPU to become a severe choke point. Other games offload most responsibilities to the GPU and in that case a weak GPU will become more evident. Some resolutions are tied more to CPU and some more to GPU as well. Generally the larger you get, the more reliant on GPU power they become.

    With all of that said, if you're lacking expected performance from a game or program, overclocking is the immediate and free way to attempt to resolve your issue. Personally I've had games where overclocking the CPU and GPU made little difference, and I"ve had games where I gained almost 20 fps after I was all-said-and-done with system tweaks.

    The most I can say is that it's worth a shot if you are willing to bother with it. If you aren't interested, you still for the moment have a game that is operating in the range of playable fps and shouldn't detract too much from the experience. Since it isn't competitive multiplayer, the framerate won't hinder anything other than immersion for the most part.
  9. Thanks this helped alot but i will probably overclock when i build a whole new system just to see what i was missing on because i dont want to overclock for the first time and then get a bsod or something like a fried cpu because it is the only gaming computer i have lol but thanks agian u really helped alot one last questio what do u prefer Mw3 or BC3 graphics really dosent matter i just want to know what u think of the gameplay thanks again and happy holidays :)
  10. BF3 for graphics, gameplay, multiplayer experience, innovation. Nothing against COD series but to me, MW3 is just a MW1 map pack for 60 bucks, it's a little insulting.
  11. Yes but i hate those snipers on BF3 i dont own it but ive played it before and thanks again i wish i had a friend i could talk to about these things because everyone either has an xbox or a ps3 im like :( and my brother says ps3 is better and hes like the first multiplayer fps was on console not on pc hes i looked online guess what he lost lol anyways thanks again if youd like my steam name to friend me is xXGiby831Xx
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