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Game disc hole protectors

Hello,Years ago..maybe like 25yrs ago i could buy these rings that you could put in the middle of a compact disc for protecting the hole and for stabilization while the disc was spinning..I have some games that the hole is cracking..these would help that...does anyone make them any more?.
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  1. I doubt anybody would be making such things anymore since you can just copy to the new media so easily, but have your tried ebay?
  2. But you cannot copy xbox 360 games...I have some that the middle is cracked and i think them would help..Wish i could find my old stash of about 10...LOL

    I have checked almost everywhere..

    They are far gone....
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    ah that sucks, sorry to hear, 360s are DVDs of course. I'm not sure where you live but my friend usually checks out local game stops for better looking disks of the same game. Usually they have no problem exchanging your disk to theirs, since it's no money out of their pocket if that disk you give them never sells again.
  4. you could use vinyl tape to repair the disc by cutting it to the right size and shape.
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