Faulty Power supply?

I just went out today to replace my current 300W power supply with a new Top Power silent 350w power supply. The reason for the replacement was because I've been getting alerts with the 3.3v range. After installing the P/S nothing happened when I tried to turn on the computer. There was power being supplied to the M/B as the led was lit. Any ideas as to the problem or is it a faulty unit?
I'm currently running a XP2400+ OC'd to XP2600 speeds on a A7N8X standard M/B. I noticed a few new cables on there but I do not know what they are for...Possibly a P4?

Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. Could be the new one is worse than the one you're trying to replace!

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  2. Gee bought a new Psu and it's no better than the one he had.
  3. As the ole saying goes. You get what you pay for.
  4. Point taken!
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