How do you remove long file names in Internet temp

I tried searching long file names and Internet temp files in the W2k forum, but didn't find anything. I have some very long internet temp files, but I can't see to remove them. Anyone know the answer?
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  1. Go a little more in depth.. you're trying to delete the files? What happens when you just try to delete them? are you getting an error, etc?
    Are you using IE or another Browser and trying to delete them?
  2. I tried to delete the file throught IE and DOS. It saids unable to delete. It is some temporary internet file that is longer than 255 characters. It seems windows can't delete it.
  3. Try moving the file(s) to a shallower path so it drops below 255 chars.

    Just my WAG.


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  4. Try renaming it and deleting it.

    We had an earler post on something like this.. there is a program out there that will delete it.
  5. You can't rename it or move it. You can't delete it. You basically can't do anything. It is not recognize as an NTFS file. I am going to check with Microsoft.
  6. Whats wrong with clearing the internet temp through IE?
    Tools>internet options>delete files>check delete all offline content>ok

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  7. Someone else was posting this kind of problem a few weeks ago too.

    If he's on 98, disable long file names, if he's on XP.. interesting. Someone posted about a 3rd party app that went through designed to delete long file names.

    There's also a dos function you can do to try and delete.

    Jedi, have you tried going into safe mode on this?
  8. EE - Evidence Elliminator, will do the rest.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  9. Hmmm.. experienced in hiding stuff from a significant other eh?

  10. Hehe, thanks for asking, but no, my other does not know how to browse files without me telling what to point and what to click, let alone find deleted files. But yeah, few years ago (not any more, since I quit computer business) I have experimented with lots of sofwares of that kind, caz some of friends of mine have that issue with others and also have sensitive business data, so they ask me those kind of questions.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  11. This doesn't work either. It's like windows can't see the files. I tried DOS it didn't work either. I didn't try safe mode. My Admin was able to mount the HD from a Linux server, then remove the files. I am sure there are many other hacks. Thanks for everyone's replies.
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