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I live in India and I am planning to start a Gaming Cafe. We do not have many good Gaming Cafes in the major cities itself. I had enquired about the best PC Configuration available which includes the AMD Radeon HD 6990, Intel Core i7 2600K, Gigabyte G1.Sniper2 as part of the configuration. The issue is with the financial part; as each of these PC costs an approx of $3000, whereas an PS3 cost an approx of $350 including the Move controller kit.

My question is; is a desktop PC better over a PS3. I always preferred a desktop as it can be upgraded however the cost of investment is holding me back.
I also have a thought of setting up partial desktop computers and partial PS3's. The gaming cafe is a 20 seater which is a preferred size over my place.

I would also like to setup to play multiplayer games and also host local gaming competitions on my cafe. I would like to install games like Assasin's Ceed. Battlefield 3 and many high graphic games. Does Networking all the computers via Ethernet good enough to create a multiplayer gaming.

What PC configuration is suitable for my scenario? or is a PS3 good enough
Please provide insights on how to setup all these Gaming Cafes and we do not have many professionals to help around.
I have also read about Gaming Servers, can you provide insight about this as well??

Thank you

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  1. I will say this. The consoles have a FAR larger following than PC's. There is less headaches with managing a group of consoles. You don't have to work about viruses, malware, outside apps, locking them down, etc. Also, PC gaming is sort of a personal thing. You don't have people sitting around you watching like a console. If you are looking at a gaming Cafe, I'd stick with consoles. PC's are just not a good financial choice. You could always have a PC area that allows people to "bring your own machine". Provide them a hookup area if they want to come in with buddies and rent out space for small LANs. Just a thought. That way you don't have machines to maintain. People also love their PC's and don't like playing on non-familiar equipment. PC games are also usually locked to a user account with EA, Steam, Ubisoft, etc. At least consoles allow people to bring in their own games.
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    For gaming is enough i5 2500k,you don't need such an expensive motherboard , buy a Z68 at 120-130$ , video card 6970 or Nvidia 570, you can go with 560Ti. Monitors not bigger than 23'' and these cards will everything what you want at high detailes. In my opinion for 3000$ you can do 3 gaming PC's.
    Motherboard :
    CPU :
    Memory :
    GPU :
    HDD :
    CASE :
    PSU :
    DVD-RW :
    TOTAL : $1,031.92
    In place of 6970 in some PC's can use 560Ti or 6950 , motherboard and you are under 1000$ .
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