Help with 5770 and skyrim

Yay people how ya doin?
anyways i got a hd 5770 and a amd II x4 b55 with a 4gig ram(good brand i dun remember name now but i know it is good)
The most annoying thing is i can run any (rly any gam -bf3 mw3 witcher 2 crysis 2 etc ) gam on at least 55 -60 fps but on skyrim i get like 25 INDOORS
i have the latest drivers for the 5770 and for skyrim
thanks anyway (ive tried all the patches, enb series d3d9 files and no results )
thnks anyway
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  1. btw im getting 60% cpu usage so i don think is that
  2. To me this sounds possibly like a shadows-setting being too high issue. Or DOF or too much anti-aliasing. Since your gpu usage is low though, I would guess maybe shadows since skyrim offloads shadow processing to the cpu. Try overclocking your cpu and see if that yields a tangible improvement or not. That's my first guess.
  3. nops set shadow to min and gonna check oc now
  4. just checked with processor oc and no aa even in the catalyst setting i but it down
    gonna try to oc the gpu
  5. what is your resolution?
  6. just did it almost no notiable difference
    took a bit long coz i go blue screen of death in the first try
  7. Bump
  8. buuuump
    plz some1 help me anything
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