Will my computer run SWTOR or do I need a new one?

I just purchased SWTOR for my husband and I have tried all the troubleshooting fixes and still no luck getting the game to work. I am starting to think its my computer. I have a pentium r dual core E5300 2.6GHz with 1.96 GB of RAM. I have windows XP professional. is this enough to run the game it says it needs Intel core 2 duo or better 2.0 GHZ windows XP 1.5 GB. thats means nothing to me, its all jibberish, so is the "dual core" going to work for this game? sorry but I am totally new to all this, I am sure this is a silly question :)
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  2. The Core Duo E5300 2.6GHz is a budget version of the Core 2 Duo CPUs. It basically uses slightly slower RAM and does have a few things a Core 2 Duo CPU does have. However, that is not enough to prevent it from being used to play games.

    You have enough RAM to play the game based on the minimum requirements. Do you know what video card is in the computer? This may be why you are having problems. Speaking of which, what exactly are the problems you are having?

    Are you having problems installing the game? Is it installed properly, but the game does not start? Does the game launch, but as soon as you get into the main menu does the game crash? Etc....
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