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Older PC video games on newer OS's and systems?

I have seen some older titles and some used older games in stores. I cannot run those on XP/Vista which is what I have.

I was wondering if there is a way to get older PC games to run on my systems or Win7(I plan to get a laptop later with Win7)?

I probably could with Compatability Mode (not sure which service packs work with what titles though), Virtual PC's(Not sure which ones take most or all of the older titles.) and multi-boots.

Multi-boots with the right system specs for the older OS's or seperate older computers with the older OS's would probably be the best idea or most stable. I don't want lots of computers though.

Not all titles have been re-released.

I have seen some sites that claim they are selling older titles that are in emulators and the software companies have endorsed it. I have not looked into this, but if anyone can recommend legitimate places I'd be interested.
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  1. Some places I found and saw that people on this forum posted are/were:, and Steam.

    Not all the titles are there though.

    Any other info would be great.
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    Depends on how old we're talking. If it ran on DOS, get DOSBox; it runs those old games damn-near perfectly most of the time. You might need to take a couple minutes to learn how to use it properly though.
  3. I'v looked at some older games like Sim City 2000, Fallout 1 and 2, Doom 1 and 2, etc. Some of them say Dos or Windows 95 (or 98 and newer). I remember playing some of these on Windows 98 or Windows Mellennium edition. I'v looked online and some people say compatability mode worked for them, or skip all taht and go to sites like, Steam, etc.

    But I can't say every game, I'v just glanced through them and not got every name I saw in store or online. Some worked up until Windows 2000 (not sure if Windows 2000 Professional worked or not, it was probably the same in most situations).

    With programs like DOSBox, how many are there? I don't mean versions of DOSBox, but these kinds of programs. Are the sites to download these programs legit? I assume they are emulators.

    I know I'd have to take some time and learn about the programs or read. I don't want to have to deal with scripts or command line, etc. If it's as simple as possible, it's ok. It's not bad to input the file path or a command (eg: For DOS programs), but I don't want too much.
  4. In my experience, compatibility mode often does not work. However, Windows 7 has an XP Mode that you can download for free at:

    -That has worked for me for lots of older games. Hope that's helpful.
  5. do note that xp mode is for professional or ultimate editions of win7 only. doesn't install on home edition
  6. I know what XP Mode is. I have heard good thigns about it and bad. I do media first, some people have said do not touch it. I also have older projects I'm dealing with and those programs do not work in XP Mode, so I stick with XP for now.

    I currently have XP and Vista 32-bit on a multi-boot. It works. When I upgrade my laptop currently with Visat 64-bit, I'll get Win7. Probably just Home Premium 64-bit.

    It's good to know about XP Mode working in this situation. Thanks for the info.
  7. if your talking 16bit games then dosbox or some other oldschool pc emulator is what you want...

    ive been using win 7 for nearly 3 years now (including rc versions) and i haven't come across many games post 2005 that actually needs compatability mode. even games that say you should use it often work without it being enabled as win7 seems to have great backward compatibility....

    the only other limit i know of is the 16bit installer, if you have a 64bit.o.s. you wont be able to install the game never mind run it, without some sort of emulation.
  8. Good to know thanks HEXiT.

    I'm going to read up about DosBox. Are there any others anyone can recommend?

    Maybe I should post another topic for this question: With all the older games, how easy is it to get the patches or downloads for them? I assume some companies still have them somewhere on their sites. But some don't and some of those companies do not exist anymore (due to mergers or they shut-down).

    If I needed to, does anyone know where it is safe to get those needed and helpful patches and downloads for the old games? I'd try somewhere like, but I can only expect so much. Once I can get them, it's no problem because I can save those onto my hard-drive or an external. I noticed on sites like and Steam, etc they have all of those updates and stuff, but there are some old discs kicking around here and I can go find some more and buy them somewhere if I want to go that route.
  9. for older games. the patches scrolls site is good...
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