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Console games on my PC?

I like to be able to play console games on my computers. How can I play them on my PC though? I have XP/Vista and plan to get Win7 later.

I have found some software that apparently can copy discs content, I don't know if it just copys and archives your discs or makes them playable on a PC. I was curious as how to copy cartridge games. Do you hook up the consoles or have to buy any hardware? I wouldn't mind doing the work for myself as long as it's not too tedious.

I read that the PS2 plays PS1 games and that with the Wii you can purchase all the old games from the older systems if you want. That might be easier, but I am curious about the process of emulating. Some searches brought up nothing but some ideas as how the process works. Again: I want to play on a desktop or my laptop, since having boxes of games and 10 consoles isn't the way to get portable. I'd have to acquire all the hardware though at home, but if I went on a trip I can still play games if I wanted to.

I'm not trying to mod a console.
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  1. Some places I found and saw that people on this forum posted are/were:, and Steam.

    Not all the titles are there though.

    Any other info would be great.
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    console games such as playstation and xbox family console games are rather hard to emulate, i havent seen anyone able to do it. even the nintendo DS is a bit tricky and will run too laggy to be useful. nintendo 64 and gameboy advance run good though.
    from the below link you can get all the emulators and ROMs (the games) you could ever hope for. just download the emulator, install, and download the corresponding ROMs.
  3. if you want ps3 or xbox360 games, just get the PC version, most of those games are also available on PC.
  4. it's a shame the new halo series aren't available for pc like halo 3, halo reach. But with Call of Duty 2,4,6 i don't miss Halo. Halo seems a bit generic, i have Halo 2 for pc, i mean how all Halo games share almost the same guns, and guns take a long time to get kills. COD is just too quick though. Naruto, Dead or Alive 4 & Battlefield Modern Combat i miss to.
  5. ^ agreed
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