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Old arcade games on PC's?

Is it possible to get the old coin-operated arcade games onto PC's? How does it work?

There were some titles that never came out on the home consoles, or looked much better in the arcades than on the old consoles.

Have any been released?
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  1. Some places I found and saw that people on this forum posted are/were:, and Steam.

    Not all the titles are there though.

    Any other info would be great.
  2. freelacer maybe :D
  3. Did a search. Didn't really find anything. Freelancer stuff came up (work programs, a Micorsoft game, etc).

    I'm looking for information or ideas with what I have asked here and another couple of posts. I'm also stepping into some murky territory and don't want to go on thsoe sites.

    I am converting my record collection at this time. I can sit back and wait... I got 3 and a half crates to get through... I am in no hurry...

    Wether I am believed or not, it's more of a learning experience I am after. I jsut want to know how some of you do it. I have physical copies of stuff and want to back it up instead of buying another one. There are some people I've met that I can trust to share some knowledge so they save themselves the hassle incase something stops working, gets lost or gets scratched. Some others, I do not trust and will not say certain things to. This would mean sharing anything information if anyone has the time to do it. It might be better to look for it used and save the hassle...You go try to do what I am with your media. Sometimes it's better to not waste the time archiving it and go buy it again...

    Look at my profile and web-page(s). That is always going to be first. It has to be. And, if anyone does look please add me if you would like to. :hello: :wahoo: :lol: :) :heink: :whistle: :sol: :kaola: :ouch: ;) :??: :o :bounce: :pt1cable:

  4. I did find MAME's page.

    It mentions having to code stuff, program, etc...I'm not a programmer. But this is probably what I'm asking for (How do they do it?).

    And no offence to Toms Hardware. I don't want to post the wrong kind of things up.
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    There's multiple Arcade emulators

    the most extensive one being MAME.

    however, seeing how there were various types of arcade machines out there, there are also various emulators that focus only on one particular one and then usually tend to do a much better job than mame.

    check out winkawaks

    also, check out websites like DGemu
    they usually features all kinds of emulators, arcades included.
  6. Thanks for the info.

    - Do any of the ROMs work on multiple emulators or is it hit and miss?

    - Would this be the same processes to code and program for the cartridge or disc console systems?

    - Is there a program or something that allows someone plug in their old console systems and "rip or convert" their physical copies into computer files and make back-ups or playable versions incase the physical ones get wrecked? Music, video, pictures, etc can do this. Has this technology been developed or streamlined for video games?

    I have found some programs that copy Discs from consoles. I went through the products being sold online quickly, but it seemed to back them up and you can put them onto cd-r's or dvd-r's (probably for modded systems). I don't think it's the same as ripping a cd and making it an mp3 so you can play it, like a video game cartridge or disc into computer file and playing it.
  7. if a rom will be read on any particular emulator depends on what system the rom is from and what system was the emulator designed to run. In your case with arcade games, there were quite a few (at least 4 IIRC) different arcade machines.

    mame should read most, but won't work for all correctly. Then there's dedicated emulators for each of the arcade machines, which usually do a great job for that particular type of rom, but won't read others.

    I'm not sure what you mean by your second question, since you don't define "this"

    your last question is bordering on piracy (discussion of which is not allow on these boards), so I won't go into depth. Yes, there's software and hardware that would allow you to copy data from cartridges and such. That's all I'm going to say.
  8. Thanks for the info.

    "- Would this be the same processes to code and program for the cartridge or disc console systems?"

    Is it the same processes to code and program for the cartridge or disc console systems, as it is with arcade games? An arcade machine is a computer and has files like a console system that deals with cartridges or discs, right?

    I understand that there are fourm rules here. That is ok. I can read on some of these emulator sites, and I'm sure they will tell me a bit more. Any info is great. I don't think it's wrong for someone to back-up what they own or paid for. I'm not saying it's a good idea to give those files to others, to sell them or to promote piracy, etc.

    I was skepticle I could get much info from some of my questions on this site due to the nature of what I am trying to ask about. I am happy with the help and information I've gotten. Pushing the boundaries of technology or using skills to develop useful hardware or software is important. Sometimes it's been sketchy and maybe wrong.

    But for example, without emulators and such:
    1. I don't think there would be Dosbox, Microsoft Virtual PC, etc.
    2. I don't think the Wii would be able to play/download all those old games.
    3. Steam,, etc would not be around with the older titles.
    4. Playstation 2 and 3 would not play certain older discs, etc.
    5. We would still use punch cards or dos, etc.
    6. Etc.

    I back-up my music, videos and photos, etc. I don't give them out and I make as many copies as I need to (lossy and lossless). I have a right to, I own it and have learned a lot doing it. There are a lot of regular jobs I can sucessfully be employed at and I can even start and maintain my own business if I wanted to or needed to. Besides, with the concern for malware to me it's not worth it.
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