Droping CPU Voltage

2.6c retail box SL6WS
2x 256MB Corsair 3500XMS
WD 400JB
Plextor 20/10/40/12a
2 32cfm antec case fans 1 in 1 out
400wt Sparkle(Fortran) power supply

Those are my new system specs.

Mp probles is that I can overclock my chip to 3.52 at 1.6v.But the voltage slowly drops when the cpu is put under heavy load . At 1.584 the computer is still stable. but as soon as it drops lower Prime 95 errors out.

If I set my voltage to 1.7 volt MBM repors cpu voltage at 1.74v to 1.76v with spikes reaching 1.8v. This helps keep the voltage from droping below 1.584 but it occasionally still happens. and is way too high a voltage for this chip.

Any suggestions or mods that work. Did I get a bum board.Ihave also tried an Antech 300w smartpower that came with the case with same results.

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  1. At higher clock speed, more current needed by the CPU, thus your motherboard power circuit has to work harder, but this lead to increase in temperature of the mofsets, and thus giving the CPU drop, unstable(whatever)current.

    To get an idea how hot these mofsets can be:
    Abit KV7 with Barton at 2200mhz, mofset temperature can go as high as 90 degree C if no fan blowing at it.

    That's why I looking for 4 phase power design Nforce mobo, but I don't think I can get one :(
  2. crashman is having similar problems with his asus board, you could try mosfet cooling but normally results are mixed.

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  3. It's definately a motherboard problem, I've taken very good logs with MBM5 and seen that the vCore is very flaky on my P4C800-E Deluxe, while the line voltages are very stable!

    I contacted Asus and they never returned my inquiry.

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  4. Ok thanks guys. Iwill try cooling the mossfets. Such a shame too. I can reach 3.8G with no problems on air but as soon as something demanding runs, voltages drop and I loose it.

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