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Is this any good? I'm hearing split reviews. As usual, there are the diehard "no"s and then there are the "it's ok and it's pretty decent and stable but not the absolute best". I also heard that it's a pretty good PSU if you're doing *slight* overclocking. So, which is true? lol thanks for any info!

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  1. Isn't that the manufacturer of those flimsy, flashy cases? Are you buying this supply separately, or with a junk case?

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  2. ummm... =/ ...well, I couldn't afford anything better... it's this one:

  3. what about "SH"? it's not a cheap PSU... $50+...

  4. 1 word and 1 number
    fortron $30

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  5. I did try looking for a Fortron but I couldn't find it locally and I don't want to have it shipped. Unless someone knows of a place in Lower Mainland, B.C., Canada... =/

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