Farcry 2 dialogue and positioning bug

Hello everyone, I am having issues with farcry 2 where characters suddenly teleport about (behind and in front of where they are meant to be) and dialogue loops until they are fixed in their correct position. My specs are:
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
intel core I7 2600 3.4GHZ
Nvidia Geforce GT545
IDT sound card
the version of farcry is 1.3b (fortune's edition) from the that's hot range.
Any help is appreciated.
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  1. you can have conflicting sound drivers. you have on board sound, the sound card and the sound through HDMI that installs with the video drivers. you should check the BIOS to make sure the on board sound is disabled. then you should uninstall the nvidia drivers and then do a custom install.......... when prompted only install the graphics driver and the physx driver. this may help your situation.

    gotta say.......... farcry2 likes bigger, better cards. I had problems with that game on a 1gig 5850 at higher settings. had to make concessions until I got another card. you 545 is a lower end card. you do have the right processor and more than enough ram for gaming though..... windows7 64bit ?
  2. ok, that is for the sound but what about the characters teleporting around? I have seen a character teleport into a wall once with this glitch and that is what could be causing the issue in my opinion (resets the character each time it is teleported)
  3. did you try the suggestions above ? it may sound strange but faulty sound drivers ( multiple ) sometimes effect video games' frame rates/issues like you're experiencing.
  4. I tried the above suggestions and still no luck. how can sound cause a character to teleport anyway?
  5. the version of farcry is 1.3b (fortune's edition) from the that's hot range

    what does that's hot range mean ?................. did you try uninstalling and reinstalling ? and did you try running without the fortunes pack installed ? did you try letting the game do it's own "auto" updates after it is installed ?
  6. In australia, that's hot is a budget range featuring lots of different titles such as assassins creed, HAWX, splinter cell double agent and others, it is akin to EA's budget range or the activision most wanted range. uninstalling/reinstalling does not help, the fortune's pack is installed with the game itself and there are no updates past 1.03b, will try un/reinstalling again to see if that fixes the issue.
  7. I confess I'm stumped. I never saw anything like teleport nor have I ever had any issues with FarCry2 on any machine I put it on. The only thing i can think of would be the graphics card. I played it on several gtx260's different variations ( more ram helped--1792 version ) a 5850 ( 1gig of ram wasn't enough ) 560's... game had problems...... 6950 2gig... sweet spot.

    FarCry2 is multi threaded and needs a powerful graphics card and that's the only thing I can think of other than messed up sound drivers..... ( again, sound drivers can create havoc of one sort or another with graphics cards. maybe you need to start over and redo the sound and make sure you git it right. I would even go as far as removing the sound card ( uninstalling via device manager/shut down and remove card.

    you can also try windows Update. There may be something there that would fix either the sound or the graphics.
  8. thanks for the advice, however I can not remove the sound card as it is part of the motherboard itself (IDT onboard sound)
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