Any magic secret so things are more responsive?

I really enjoy using windows Xp for all the eye candy and a few other things, but sometimes it doesn't seem as responsive. On another machine I have win2k and things just seem to pop up faster, or respond faster, even though it has a slower processor. I've done the basic things such as disabling some of the eye candy in XP but it still seems less responsive.

Any magical tricks to make things more responsive?

Is there an OS very responsive? (I've played with a few distributions of Linux but it feels about the same to me)
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  1. lots of people agree Windows 2000 seems lighter and better then XP and i agree - xp is rather fat, as for better system responsiveness, hardware wise - a processor with HT or dual core helps, lots of ram (its a fat lady when it comes to ram, give her heaps, 1gb is healthy), but why should it cost to have it run as fast as win2k? get TweakXP (or any other decent tweaking app like xsetup and so on) and have a look at the tweaking options, tweak XP allows "core system performance" - disabled by default uses the physical ram more instead of the page file (on the HDD) - that helps out, and the basic windows configuration: my computer (right click) -> properties -> advanced -> performance -> settings -> "adjust for best performance" to disable all eye candy.
  2. Here's a stupid one that I found helps a lot.


    It's stupid, but it helps out.

    Edit your registry (regedit or regedt32)

    Find HK_Users - .Default - Control Panel - Desktop

    Under there, find "ShowMenuDelay" and change the value from 400 to 0.

    Restart, you'll notice menu pop up without the delay. It takes 400ms to query each time to see if anything changed. You'll only see the delay after you install something. It'll have to update, then after that it'll go back to being fast.
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