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bought a PCP can not get memorie card to stay in it just pops back out and wont let me shut the little door
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  1. Sorry it is a PSP LOL memory card will not stay in
  2. fail, did you push it far enough to where it clicks? if it doesnt click into place smoothly then you really should bring it back and exchange it for another
  3. First: blow out any dust and check for anything stuck in the memory card slot. Second: check to make sure the memory card is intact and not damaged or broken. Third: make SURE you are putting the card in correctly. I say this because a PSP1000 and 2000 have different ways of inserting the memory card - so it is worth double checking to make sure you are putting yours in the right way. :)
  4. PCP is bad. Be careful and beware. I read about some police dealing with some people who have fallen off in the wrong ways.

    No offence to the OP, La Roux.
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