Battlefield 3 Installer Not Working

Hi guys,

I just got BF3 for Christmas yesterday and when I went to install it via Autorun, the process hangs for about 5-10 minutes, then the Autorun box disappears (the autorun.exe is still running) after about 2 more minutes the autorun.exe process disappears and nothing happens.

I've tried running from the setup.exe but all that nets me is a long wait (5-10 mins) followed by a 'D:\Setup.exe is not a valid win32 application' error.

I have tried this with the latest version of Origin installed and without Origin at all.
I have formatted and reinstalled my OS (WIn7 64-bit) twice in the last day and still nothing.
Direct X is fully updated.
Windows is fully updated.
I have NVIDIA 285.62 drivers installed.

I cannot find a clean ISO on the net to run from that.
I have tried installing on my other comp (terrible specs running xp) and the installer runs on there so it cannot be a bad disk.
I have tried installing other games from disks (including BFBC2) and they install fine).
I have tried making an ISO of the disk with Alcohol, but to no avail (read error halfway through).

Currently trying copying all the files on the disk to my HDD and running from there (doubtful of this solution).

I am all out of ideas, and really could use some help.

Edit: Well it seems that copying the files from the disk doesn't work as they refuse to copy.
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  1. have you tried running setup.exe as admin?

    also, this might be a dumb question, but is your game PC version? not xbox/ps3?
  2. Yeah I've tried running setup.exe as admin but get an error pertaining to 32 bit (im running 64 bit).

    And yes its the PC version of the game.
  3. I also got "battlefield 3 back to karkand" for christmas this week, And i have the exact same problem as you! my computer and autoplay both stop responding as well when i try to run the autorun.exe or setup.exe. I am also having problems with reading the cd in the first place. No fixes? :S
  4. I tried resolving this for 3 days without success, even after I partitioned my hard drive and put x86 on the newly created partition.

    I ended up having to bite the bullet and download the game via Origin, much to my displeasure.

    The whole point of getting the physical copy is so I do not have to download it and waste internet usage (Aus internet plans suck).
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