PSP, memory card help..!!!

Hello guys,
I have a PSP, I used to connect it to my computer some time ago, in USB mode. That time it used to show me the Memory stick drive in my computer.
Now a days when i connect it the same way, it shows me its Internal memory, says 24MB Storage. It doesnt show memory card anymore. How am I supposed to be able to solve this?
Currently If i have to transfer something in memory card, I need to find a memory card reader, and then only I can transfer something in it.
PSP works great, memory card works fine. So i suppose this is some setting issue.
Help me guys, this is disgusting when everytime i have to take out the mem card, plug it in card reader, transfer, plug it back in PSP.
The data cable works fine too..!!
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. well this may be a bit off statment but have you tryed clicking the 24mb storgage? witch model psp is this
  2. Try to format the memory card on your PSP and try it again.
  3. Right. First thing to do is to troubleshoot. Try a different USB cord (buy or borrow one). Then manually activate USB connection through PSP menu. Also try different USB ports on your computer. If this isn't working, go to step 2 and re-format your memory card as suggested - and repeat trying to connect. You may need additional troubleshooting - but try these steps first. Hope it's helpful.
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