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Please suggest a good software that scans my computer for hardware and automatically downlaods the required drivers
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  1. Windows Update?
  2. Best answer but it costs a couple of bucks for annual subscription. It's great though and I've seriously had my money's worth.
  3. @cji: windows update works to get the latest update of already installed drievrs, but didn't work to obtain the drivers for me.

    @lephuronn: thanks. i'll check it out.
  4. Unless the manufacturer of your hardware has drivers for Win7, don't bother getting it. If you install Win7 64bit, you'll find a number of companies, such as Canon, Epson, and HP, will not provide 64 bit drivers except for their newest equipment. And if you try to install a 32 bit driver, as I did for my Canon scanner, the install process says it won't install 32 bit drivers and shuts down.
    Oh, and don't Microsoft's virtual machine and XP mode either. I tried over the weekend, and the install stall puked on 32 drivers.
  5. Driver detective.
  6. Tried it. Found nothing.
  7. @kep55: been working on windows 7 64 bit for a few weeks now. No problems with drivers. I /finally just manually downloaded all Vista 64 bit drivers from Dell website, and everything's running fine.
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