Can I run 2010-12 games on Medium or High?

Hi, I am wondering if I could run games on Medium-High with this GPU CPU Combo.

AMD Phenom II x2 555 (Which will be unlocked to 4 core later on)
ATI Radeon 4870 512mb GDDR 5.

If it cant, tell me another combo under $300 that can run all games

P.S AA does not matter to me and neither does 1080p. Games that will work on 1024x768 on high would be fine for me. Thank you
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  1. Should work ok, but I gotta ask, why are the prices so high? you can get a phenom 2 x4 BE + 6850 for a little over 300 (depending on sales and shipping, you can also get a non BE to save money)
  2. I would get a gpu with DX11 that situation
  3. the 4870 is a reasonable gpu and if your getting that build for 300 notes your getting pretty much a decent low midrange gaming machine that will play most new titles at medium or better. you wont be able to max out games like bad company 2 but you will get respectable settings that compared to a 360 look a lot better.
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