Help upgrading my computer for star wars the old republic

I can't afford a new gaming pc so i want to upgrade my current everyday use pc to be able to play swtor but i need some help. I don't know a whole lot about computers and how to upgrade them but i have done some research on the matter. As far as i can tell this is what i currently have.

its a Gate Way model # dx4320

CPU: AMD Phenom (tm) II X4 820 processor 2.80 GHz

RAM: 6gb

OP: windows 7 64-bit

PSU: not sure the brand or model but its 300w

Motherboard: i don't know couldn't figure where to find it.

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4250

I went ahead and bought the game after i passed the "can you run it" test but after installing it the low fps makes it pretty un-playable on the lowest setting. My friend upgraded his computer for swtor as well and has given me a hand me down graphics card which is a xfx GeForce 9800 gtx+ (might have gotten the name wrong but i don't think so). it's come to my attention though, that i would need to upgrade my PSU to install the card as it requires a 6 point plug and my current PSU doesn't have one. so what i need help with is a) if i bought a power supply unit to run that Graphics card, would i be able to play with a decent fps on a low setting? b) do i need to upgrade anything else like the processor or ram?

Currently my budget is around 100$, i would love if all i had to do was replace my PSU use my friends old card and be done with it for under a hundred bucks but if i had to replace the PSU get another card and processor id probably still do it but it would take time to save some money up.

Sorry for the long post but im a big fan of mmo's and a bigger fan of star wars i would hate to miss out on swtor.Any recommendations such as particular brands to shop for or avoid, good online stores, or particular models would be greatly appreciated and please keep in mind a playable swtor is all i'm aiming for and not a max settings one at that.
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  1. Your friends card is a lot better than what you have now. With that card you should be able to see better graphics. But If you want to upgrade your PSU then think about this one. It will have the cable you need. Good luck to you.
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